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Office is closed(January 9) due to weather. We will still perform scheduled televisits today.

Nader Eldika, MD

Board Certified:


Sleep Medicine

Critical Care Medicine


Difficulty Breathing or Sleeping?

Heartland Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine diagnose and treat respiratory and sleep disorders.

Experiencing symptoms like coughing, lack of sleep, or shortness of breath can interrupt your daily activities.  As a board-certified physician in Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, Dr. Eldika is committed to providing comprehensive lung and sleep disorder treatments. Once you become a patient in his practice, his commitment will be that you fully understand your condition, prognosis, and treatment plans. He vows to empower you to take control of your health by providing all-encompassing care and patient education. 

Our office provides specialized care to ensure that each patient receives the most efficient and thorough medical treatment possible in a caring and friendly environment.

Dr. Eldika also provides inpatient care services at Wesley Medical Center and Wesley Woodlawn, including pulmonary and intensive care (ICU) consultations, and is skilled at various therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. 

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